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Sec. C at Ang Dalawang Bruha ng Buhay ko

“I hate it when i have to do things because i have to.” When i entered college, two buddies of mine came struggling through with me. We have a lot of good times together. First we were two, just Patty … Continue reading

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A Better Me and You!

I have been not myself the past few days because my tummy had been revolting against me with hyperacidity. I guess my body is taking its toll on me now. I got to pay for my not so good treatment … Continue reading

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Tranquility and the River of Tears

I found her lying on the floor, she was crying for my surprise. I heard no sobs, no screams, no pleading, no signs of pain from her precious lips. Her eyes were closed the moment i found her. Tears are … Continue reading

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Why is Everything so Ironic?!!

Have you ever watched Hancock?? Yeah, it had already been showed on theaters ages ago, and i actually have seen it just last weekend, thanks for the 3 day weekend! and the pirated dvd’s! Yey!:-) Well, the effects was good … Continue reading

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Neurotic Award goes to Me! Piapot Scores!

When I opened my blog, it was really a surprise and a huge ray of light to see 79 people who came to see my posts… that was pure awesome! But, the biggest surprise i got is to receive an … Continue reading

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Sina Ming-Ming at Bantay

To set aside the tags that frequented my posts…. here are few snapshots of our humble pets that i think you would find very interesting… and cute too!:-) Photo #1: This is the Tudder, Kulot’s huge, fat cat. Talk about … Continue reading

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TAG! I’m It!!

I got tagged by Panaderos, so I guess i’ll just get on with it…:-) let’s see what’s going to spill out from my neurotic and now cyanotic brain of mine… The rule of the game is to just copy the … Continue reading

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