Neurotic Sister gone Wild!

in the last post i had, i’ve written something about my wildest dreams… and thanks to bw‘s curiosity, i have something to write about… lol

about my wildest dreams… i have thought about this list of mine a year ago about the things i would like to do before i die. And to be honest, it was mounted on a pot full of crap that came out from my head. I enjoy challenging myself up to my limits, pushing and pushing until i get what i desire, to reach my end. I enjoy a lot of things, i’m always looking forward to what better things there is ahead even at the worst times in my life.

So going back to the list of my wildest dreams, they are all posted here, but the list itself doesn’t end with the last number… lol

1. Climb a mountain. I have loved mother earth so much! i enjoy the greens and blues of nature. I wanted to try this one in a real mountain climbing scenario, with bags bigger than i am, sleeping in campsites and all… (you get the picture). I have climbed a mountain, Mt. Samat that is, we walked all the way up to its summit, i did this during the pilgrimage led by our bishop here in Bataan, but it wasn’t that challenging for me… i would love to walk in muddy terrain than climb up following the cemented road! lol but i’m still looking forward to joining this pilgrimage next December!:-)

2. Bunjee Jumping. I am really afraid of heights honestly. and you might think it’s hilarious for me to think about doing this, but sincerely i am dead serious to try this! i always face my fears, i don’t want fear to be that something that will hinder my goals! Risks are what all people should take in the first place! so why shouldn’t i?

3. Scuba diving. this creeps me out. i am kind of pathetic when it comes to diving in the ocean (i don’t know how to swim!). Plus the swirling thoughts of “what will i do if my oxygen tank emptied out?” or “what if a shark comes and eat me alive!?!?!?!”, well, just kidding on the latter part. It’s just that i’m uncomfortable under water… and the fact that we can’t breathe under it is like raised to million times in my head. Well, i’m just waiting for the chance to beat this pathetic imagination of mine and dive in! sooner!

4. Wall climbing. This looks simple and easy, but a few people tell me it isn’t, so i want to bust off the myth if it’s easy or not. And actually, the reason why i want to try this, is that i can’t even climb a tree! lol maybe that should be the first on my list huh? ‘MUST CLIMB TREE’ haha i guess i would search for tree climbing classes now. lol

5. Sky diving. Oh yeah! i really do want to do this! hahaha and to remind you i’m afraid of heights? well maybe this is the craziest height-busting moment of my life when this time comes. i just hope it won’t kill me after, bcause i have more things i would like to do! lol

well, there are a lot more that follows… but i’m actually running out of time, coz i’m going to be late for my class now! haha the next numbers of my wildest crap dreams will follow in the next post… better get my mind working for my next schemes!!


About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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14 Responses to Neurotic Sister gone Wild!

  1. bw says:

    hmmm.. now we know you more… you’re a lover of extreme sports ! You’d be tickled to ride the Behemoth roller coaster for sure 😆

  2. jen says:

    haha… nice list there… all of them! yah, u should first experience climbing trees…hehehe! when i was younger, i used to climb trees…. imagine that? a skinny, petite girl like i am climbing an ‘alatiris’ tree! nway, i never tried any of those things in ur list except for wall climbing… we were required during one of my P.E classes in college… quite hard but there’s a sense of achievement once you finished the task! take care always!

  3. prinsesamusang says:

    hindi naman wild yan eh. ang wild ganito: pangarap ko kumaen ng mountain! o yun ang wild!

  4. manilenya says:

    hay…mounting climbing lang ang kasama sa wildest dreams ko..ibig sabihin hindi ako kasing wild mo lol!

  5. lei says:

    parang bucket list.. hehehe.

    samahan kita pag nag-sky diving ka. pangarap ko din yan e. pero sa pag-sky dive lang ha. hehe.

  6. Panaderos says:

    Like Lei said, para ngang bucket list ito. Hehehe You love to live on the edge pala. that’s cool! 🙂

  7. piapot says:

    hahaha maybe i am… but i only do things when i know i’m ready… that is.. ready to die! then take all the risk! haha

    dadating din ako jn! haha

    di pa nga wild yun eh… hahaha minsan sumama ka sakin! lol

    bucket list? haha sige pag dumating na ang time ko sa pag sky diving hahanapin kita… lol

    yeah, you are right with that! hahaha i don’t want to live with regrets.. full of what if’s and all… just do it and have fun! if it doesn’t work out, just get over it and do better next time! that is, if i’m still alive!:-)

  8. utakmunggo says:

    matalinhaga ah. hehe di ko halos maarok.
    anong hayop kaya yan ano? at mabango ba naman ang chuck taylors na yan? kundi kawawang hayop. hehe

  9. Alex says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  10. piapot says:

    mukang sake naman ang shoes naman yun… buhay pa siya eh… hahaha

    thank you, and thanks for dropping by…:-)

  11. chroneicon says:

    apir tayo! i am also afraid of heights and i believe bungee jumping is one major leap para sa ikatatalo ng fear ko.

  12. piapot says:

    good. we have something in common now… hahahaha sige malay mo minsan magkasabay tayong tumalon? hahaha

  13. chroneicon says:

    mauuna ka hehe. para alam ko ang mangyayari sa akin hihi…

  14. piapot says:

    ganun din naman naman mangyayari tumalon ka man o hindi! una-una lang yan,.. mas masaya pag sabay tayo tapos bibigtihin kita! hahaha joke lang.,

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