Piapot LOST in Mars

I’ve heard about a city within a city, but I never really thought that there could be a planet within this planet? hahaha i actually thought for one day i was in mars!

I woke up early in the morning (ok i was a little late that day) because PM and Madam (moderator in our student publication) told me to come with our EIC to Angeles, Pampanga, and it was quite a day actually. lol

We arrived around 11am in the printing press to do the final editing to our newsletter and actually finished before 2. And the most outrageous thing about it, is the trip back home to our lovely place in Bataan! I don’t really do a lot of commuting, you know, riding jeepneys and buses to go to places, but because we don’t have a car to take as back to the terminal, we have to go our own way. And to think it was raining!

Piapot: “Kuya Rem (EIC) alam mo ba kung saan tayo sasakay? Umuulan pa, tuwing pupunta na lang tayo dito lagi tayong inuulan, at pag bumaha, naku! bubuhatin mo ko!” [Kuya Rem do you know where we’re going to get a ride? it’s raining, every time we go here it always rains, and when the streets become flooded, your going to carry me!]

EIC: “Oo, sasakay tayo ng green na jeep. Tapos dilaw naman, tapos… Hindi na nga ako sanay ng umaaraw pag nagpupunta ko dito eh. Grabe, wag naman sana tumaas ang tubig.” [Yes, we’re going to ride a green jeep, then a yellow one, then… i’m not used to going here in a sunny day anymore. And i hope the water won’t rise.]

Piapot: “Ang dami naman non… hay.” [that’s a lot. sigh.]

First ride: Green Jeepney. It was a small jeepney, actually its roof a little lower than usual. Imaging my 5’3″ frame sitting and actually touching the roof of the car? And a little rusty. Though at least, it didn’t shatter to a hundred pieces! Good thing. lol

After two minutes…

Piapot: “Kuya, tapos dito san tayo sasakay?” [Brother, after this where is our next stop?]

EIC: “Jan.” [There.]

Piapot: “San yung jan?” [Where is there?]

EIC: “Basta dito. Sa banda doon.” [Just here. Over there.]

Piapot: “San naman kayang parte ng mundo ang jan at doon?” [Where on earth can here and there be?]

EIC: “Basta may kulay yellow na jeep.” [Where there is a yellow jeep.]

Piapot: “Ahhh… yellow naman ngayon..” [ahh… so it’s going to be yellow this time.]

EIC: “Teka, Dito na pala.” [Wait, we’re here.]

Piapot: “Ang alin?” [what?]

EIC: “Para po manong. Bilisan mo baba na.” [Stop here sir. Hurry now and go down.]

Piapot: “Grabe naman, di mo naman sinabi na malapit na pala ang jan at doon.” [Gosh, you didn’t tell me that here and there is already near.]

Second ride: Yellow jeep.

I don’t know what’s with the Kapampangan dialect. No, I don’t have anything against it. And i know that we were in Angeles, no doubt with that. And the ride to this yellow jeepney made my head ache. Imagine hearing E.T and Kokey in a loud conversation. Yeah, it was a little annoying. It was loud, and It was like i am a goldfish inside a tank full of piranhas in a war! Damn. But again, I’m nobody to criticize, but i just hope they feel that they are not the only human beings on this planet with an even annoying driver who keeps on honking and buzzing his turtle-like car. I just hope we can arrive to our next stop with our eardrums still working.

after five minutes…

Piapot: “Kuya tapos san na tayo nito?” [Brother, then where’s next?]

EIC: “Ewan ko, basta sa babaan ng may sakayan papuntang San Fernando. hahaha” [I don’t know, somewhere where there is a ride to San Fernando. hahaha]

Piapot: “Ang gulo mo sa direksyon natin, di ko maintindiahn. Pag tayo naligaw naku!” [Your directions are unclear, I can’t understand. If we get lost Uggh!]

EIC: “hahaha hindi yan.” [hahaha no we’re not]

then the jeepney stops…

Driver: “!@#(&%#$(^&@)$*^)&(*%^)&*()%^*@)#&^#(@^*%”

Piapot: “Ano daw?” [what did he say?]

EIC: “Ewan ko.” [I don’t know.]

Misis na nakasakay namin sa jeep: “Dito na kayo.” [You’ll get off here.]

Piapot and EIC: “Ahhh…. yun pala yun. Ang weird.” [ahhh… so that’s that. Weird.]

Doraemon: “wenk… wenk… wenk… ang mahiwagang lengwahe!”

third ride: last stop to San Fernando.

Piapot: “Kuya huli na ba to? nahihilo na ko eh…” [Brother is this the last ride? i’m already dizzy.]

EIC: “Oo huli na to.” [yes, this is the last.]

Driver: “@(#&%)$^(&{&#)&^$^&#^%(*#^%(#85$^)??”

EIC: “Dalawa po. Isang daan.” [two. One hundred.]

Piapot: “Naintindihan mo? Ano daw?” [You understood? ‘What did he say?]

EIC: “Hindi. Ewan ko? hahaha” [I don’t know. hahaha]

Piapot: “Ano?! Sumagot sagot ka di mo naman alam! Eh san tayo sasakay dito?” [What?! you answered without even knowing what he’s saying? where are we going to ride next?]

EIC: “Eh parang yun tinatanong niya, tsaka tignan mo sinuklian tayo, tama naman. Sa banda doon siguro. Magtanong na lang tayo.” [It seemed like that’s what he’s asking for, look he even gave us the right amount of change. Somewhere there maybe. Let’s just ask.]

Piapot: “Ha??? hindi mo pa rin alam? Sana lang makauwi pa ko ng buhay.” [What? you still don’t know? i just hope i’ll go home alive.]

Aling nasa jeep na nakikinig sa amin: “Bababa na kayo dito. Dun kayo sasakay sa banda don.” [You’ll get off here. Then you’ll ride over there.]

EIC: “Ah ganun po ba. Salamat po.” [Oh is that so. thanks.]

Piapot: “Ayan na naman ang sa banda doon na yan.” [And we’re back with the here and there.]

Fourth ride: i didn’t quite remember if it was a blue jeepney or whatever color it was. The last thing i had in mind is that after this, i will be inside an air conditioned bus on my way home. My head was aching and my ears is now hurting. But the least i expected…

EIC: “Para. Baba na tayo dito.” [Stop. We’ll get off here.]

Piapot: “ha? Dito? Eh hindi pa dito yung terminal ah?” [What? here? this isn’t the terminal?]

EIC: “Syempre lalakarin natin.” [Of course we’ll walk.]

Piapot: “Ano?????? kung saan saan na nga tayo sumakay tapos maglalakad naman ngayon? Diyos ko! Naku talaga!” [What??!!!!! we rode everywhere then now we are going to walk now? God!]

EIC: “hahaha bilisan mo na lang.” [Just hurry up.]

Piapot: “Sa susunod bumili na tayo ng sasakyan!” [Next time let’s buy a car!]

Doraemon: “wenk… wenk… wenk… asa ka naman piapot!”

And yeah, what can i do. After walking and walking.., we were inside the Bataan Transit Bus going straight to Balanga City. At last i can now doze off. My ears are still working thank God. Though my vision was getting a little blurred that moment.

But what the heck, at least my trip to Mars is now over. And just for something to include in my crazy list, i’ll learn how to speak the alien language and actually get to talk with E.T. and Kokey; And I swam with piranhas and went to Mars? Wow! Yey me! lol!:-)


About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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11 Responses to Piapot LOST in Mars

  1. prinsesamusang says:

    i have another tag for you.
    ayos ah laging may appearance si doraemon sa posts mo.

  2. lei says:

    hahaha.. ako naman nae-enjoy ko yung mga ganyan. going to places i’m not familiar with, it’s an adventure and a challenge. 😉

    ilocano ang husband ko and i kinda like the way they pronounce the words.. i laughed at my self whenever i tried imitating him. haha

    ingatan mo si doraemon ha.. lagi mong papakainin ng hopia.

  3. bw says:

    your flight had too many stop-overs 🙂 Nakakapagod at nakakahilo nga plus the language barrier pa hehe 🙂

  4. Panaderos says:

    Wow! That was one hell of a commute. I’m glad that you safely made it to your destination but that was one hassle-filled trip. 🙂

    Anyway, I have a little tag for you. I’m pretty sure it’s not as difficult as the last one you did. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  5. piapot says:

    oo nga eh, napamahal na siya sakin! lol

    ako din, i love going to places and traveling… discovering new towns and all… kaya lang masyadong hassle ang pinagdaanan namin! hahaha kami din dito sa Bagac may punto ang mga tao, pero kaming magkakapatid hindi namin nakuha… masarap gayahin, parang kahoy ang dila namin! hahaha

    at iingatan ko si doraemon! haha

    tama ka jan! hahaha ok lang sana kung naiintindihan namin sila di ba?

    you bet it was! and yeah, i’m glad my ears are still doing ok… and i’ll get to that tag anytime…:-)

  6. chiquesan says:

    woi… lupit ng adventure mo..
    nga pala..kinakain akong mainam nito. turuan mo nga akong ausin ung blog ko minsan.. pls.. pls..
    lam mo na.. tao sa mula ako e..

  7. piapot says:

    malupit talga… sige minsan ransakin natin ang blog mo! haha

  8. utakmunggo says:

    dami mo nang tags, ah. fit na fit ka na, pot. hehe

    sus, yung comment ko sa pusa-in-the-chucktaylors kinain ng akismet. nyems.

  9. piapot says:

    hindi kinain ni akismet ang iyong kakomentohan… nailagay mo lang siya sa isa kong post… hehehehe at tama ka… puro na nga tag ang aking post lately… bayaan mo… magiisip naman ako ng iba..

  10. chroneicon says:

    aba, kahit saang blog ako pumunta, nakikita ko si utakmunggo, isa sa malulupit at nakakaaliw na bloggers!

    nweis aiken clay(s), naaliw ako sa pagbasa. anong gnagawa ni doraemon diyan? haha. mukhang nasa ibang posts mo pa xa (based sa comment ni PM).

    cge, patambay po ako sa blog mo. hehe

  11. piapot says:

    mahal ko na kasi si utakmunggo! hahaha

    salamat sa pagbasa at pagwaldas ng oras mo sa aking blog…:-)

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