Neurotic Award goes to Me! Piapot Scores!

When I opened my blog, it was really a surprise and a huge ray of light to see 79 people who came to see my posts… that was pure awesome! But, the biggest surprise i got is to receive an award for the first time!:-) and the big news goes here from my cool sis PM:

I don’t know what category fills this award, but what the heck it’s still an award! hahaha I just want to say thanks to my sis for the very nice words she had given me for this award and i would actually show you people what she wrote:

To neuroticsister, first for keeping the name that I gave you, and second for being a pretty cool sister and a sponge bob. I mean, shock absorber. I believe that you will soon get all my crowns in the student publication.

Hahaha it’s just that these are really appreciated and so is the award! i think the criteria this time is ‘who’s the best shock absorber?’ hahaha and the last sentence made cold sweat crawl down my back! But I promise to do my best!

First, upon receiving this award, I would like to say thank you to my sponsors…

thank you sponsors. lol

To set all that aside, the coolest thing about this award is that you actually give it back to awesome blogmates here in the blogosphere! but the sad thing is that some of you already received this, though i would like you to know that all of you are pure awesomeness!

And to my beloved parents, friends, classmates, ladies and gentlemen… ahem… Here you go!

To chroneicon, who is new in my blog world, for spending time to actually read my posts even the outdated ones and left nice comments to them. And because we both have the passion for poetry and for being a good writer, I enjoyed hanging out on your site, really cool!

To BW, who always bothers to come and visit my site even if i have nothing worthwhile to write, still he manages to drop by. And for actually being interested in my wildest crap of dreams and feeding my mind, and being a cool dad to his children, you definitely deserve this.

To Blupanjeet, who makes me laugh with his posts at the same time feeds my mind and soul in enriching my faith and spirituality, and because you remind me a lot about my best friend and makes me able to understand him more, thank you! this is for you!:-)

To winkii, for making me smile every time I drop by to read your posts, you deserve this too!:-)

Now it’s your turn to share some love!

  • Put the logo on your blog.
  • Add a link to the person who awarded you.
  • Nominate at least seven other blogs.
  • Add links to those blogs on your blog.
  • Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

* * *

i would also like to take this opportunity to thank the ones who received this award already, philos, for your cool food trips and insights, panaderos, because he’s the only one who believed i didn’t broke those computers!, utakmunggo, for making me laugh so hard all the time, manilenya, for being so friendly and welcoming me to her blog circle, and to PM, because if it wasn’t for her i wouldn’t be here, and for being a great friend and a big and cool sis when i need one, and for being the storm when for my brain stormings, thank you for being the firsts blog mates i had when i was just starting to find my own world here in the blog universe. You guys and girls are the coolest! thanks!!!:-)


About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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12 Responses to Neurotic Award goes to Me! Piapot Scores!

  1. bw says:

    Piapot – you deserve the award ! Thanks for passing it over:) I have to buy you lunch sometime for your kindness hehe πŸ™‚

  2. winkii says:

    uyyy, maraming maraming salamat! :))

  3. chroneicon says:

    aba! maraming salamat!

    at hindi ko makukuha ito kung wala ang mga fans na sumuporta sa akin.

    tae, feeling…

  4. bobang pinay says:

    No problem neurotic lol! anytime..anytime πŸ™‚

  5. piapot says:

    hahaha thanks… bumalik ka dito sa Pinas at kumain tayo! lol!:-)

    walang anuman…

    hahaha sige lang walang masama mangarap tol! walang pipigil sayo walang basagan ng trip! lol

    Yeah… thanks!!:-)

  6. philos says:

    Woohoo! Congrats! hehe

  7. piapot says:

    hahaha thanks, and to you too!:-)

  8. bluepanjeet says:

    Piapot haha salamat. wahhaw another award. im very much flattered kapatid. And truth to tell, I was kinda relieved that you have learned something from my blog. Akala ko wala na kwenta blog ko haha o kaya wala na ako napapangiti sa mundo haha.. meron pa rin palang kasingbabaw ko na natatawa sa akin… I appreciate this really

    thank you so much. sorry nga pala for the delay of my reply dito sa post mo. Im very inconsistent this past few days when it comes to responding since i am preoccupied with something important. anyhow always keep rocking kapatid.

    I’ll come back here after my one week hiatus

    Pax et Bonum

  9. Panaderos says:

    Congratulations! Very much deserved. You didn’t break those computers.

    I enjoy reading your posts because they often reflect a very positive attitude towards life in spite of the challenges. I love that about your blog. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

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  11. piapot says:

    your welcome… sadyang mababaw ang kaligayahan ko… hahaha at dahil don pengeng kendi, di biro lang… your blog has a lot in it… that’s why i love reading yours…

    goodluck sa pagiging hiatus this week! hahaha ingat!

    thanks for the kind words… dahil napangiti ako… hahahaha i’ll try my best to do so.,, and i tell you it’s really hard to have an optimistic brain when your oxygen tank empties… lol

    thanks again Panaderos:-)

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