Why is Everything so Ironic?!!

Have you ever watched Hancock?? Yeah, it had already been showed on theaters ages ago, and i actually have seen it just last weekend, thanks for the 3 day weekend! and the pirated dvd’s! Yey!:-)

Well, the effects was good and the story easily flows to its end, but what hit me hard is a line from the story delivered by Will Smith:

When you want something, nobody is stopping you to take it, but the question is can you take it?

Everyone of us wanted to be one, to have special powers, to soar up in the sky and fly, to break things and have great strength, yeah we all have wanted it. But in this movie, what captured my eyes is how poignant and sad and miserable it is to be a superhero and have special powers. And after watching this movie, i never did want to be a superhero anymore.

To have superpowers and live a miserable life and save the lives of many? Or to have no superpowers with the one you love and die? Responsibility or happiness? If you choose the first option, what a great and martyr hero you are, and if you chose the second option, some would actually think how selfish you are for thinking about yourself! Sucks huh?

You see, i hate it when it goes like this. C’mon, why is it that life gets to be too ironic? sometimes you want something real bad but you can’t have it because you are thinking of other people? Their expectations, their beliefs, their crap? why can’t it be that you just have to think about yourself, even for a single moment that one chance to make yourself happy to have something that you care for the most just one time and not to think of others even for a single moment? I don’t get it.

Great powers come with great responsibility, yeah superman. But in real life, if just to be applied, i believe that everyone has a choice, we always do. It is indeed so noble and so kind to be selfless and do things for other people and not be selfish to think just about yourself. But sacrificing your own happiness for the expectations of many? Isn’t that being selfish in your part? by taking and neglecting the chance to be happy? Isn’t that selfishness of the many by just thinking of the good they will have and not caring about you? I believe that God always wills one’s happiness but the choice is ours to make. We make our own destinies, we make our own future. Well, better think twice, or live a life full of what if’s and regrets.

My best friend and I have been having a little chat about happiness. To do great noble things for the sake of many, or to live an ordinary life for your own happiness with the one you love? This had been a great debate between us. But if i ask you:

Will you choose to be noble and kind to think about other people and forget your own happiness and die? or will you care for yourself and take your chance to be happy, to live a normal life with the one you love then die?

Two good things, Two right things to do. But the question is, what will you choose?

No what if’s, no regrets.


About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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17 Responses to Why is Everything so Ironic?!!

  1. edelweiza says:

    love this movie! simple plot yet you know the substance is there…as well as lessons of love, generosity, sacrifice and happiness. 🙂

  2. abou says:

    havent seen hancock.

    i will always choose to be happy. selfless as it may seem but thats me. an ordinary life with the one u love is like living an extraordinary life everyday.

  3. Kat Carneo says:

    Well, I have a general answer for this:Too much of everything is bad. Thinking too much of others and forgetting yourself, thinking so much of yourself and forgetting others—none of those could lead to true happiness.I guess what has made my life pretty smooth-sailing is the balance.

  4. bobang pinay says:

    feeling ko nagawa ko na pareho yan, bulong ko sayo if you want me to tell my story lol!

  5. piapot says:

    yeah… i just didn’t expect it to be so much real… still the characters are afraid to go for what they want…

    tama ka jan!!!!:-)

    yeah… but i think having too much is bad if you don’t know how to reach out to other people.. that makes it bad..

    hahaha sige minsan ikwento mo sa akin yan!:-)

  6. prinsesamusang says:

    eh hindi ko pa nga napapanood yung hancock eh.

  7. utakmunggo says:

    manonood ako ng hancock one of these days.

    hmmm… responsibility or happiness? selfish ako eh. happiness na. hehehe

    hindi nga, mahirap talaga yan.

  8. piapot says:

    kaya nga may dvd di ba? di ba?

    sige panoorin mo at ikwento mo sa akin ang iyong say sa movie na ito… haha
    sa tingin ko hindi pagiging selfish ang magpili ng magpapasaya sayo… that’s just having what you deserve…:-)

  9. dong ho says:

    you can be happy by living alone but i simply believe that we were not meant to live in this world alone. So i make the most out of it. Life becomes more valuable if we start giving our life for others. Sacrifice is part of it. But it’s a choice.

  10. piapot says:

    you bet it! hahaha tell that to my half-angel-half-demon priest to be best friend! haha anyway, inadd kita sa blog roll ko…:-)

  11. Nick harvey says:

    Very nice indeed I like the end, well done!

  12. piapot says:

    thanks! and thank you for dropping by!:-)

  13. jen says:

    naku dear, yes i’ve watched this film and indeed i found it very very nice! i love the film… at first, ayaw ko panoorin coz it seemed too impossible… but my thoughts were replaced with admiration after seeing the film… ganda ng message nya and i’m very touched with Jason (charlize’s husband)… i find his character the most interesting one! he saw the positive side of hancock… naku, ang ganda talaga ng film! hehehe!
    take care!!!!

  14. piapot says:

    maganda ang film… nabadtrip lang talaga ako maging super hero… ayoko na talga maging super hero… hehe

  15. ysrael says:

    Ok, I will watch that movie,. favorite ko naman si Will Smith eh, but I don’t like the WilD Wild West, kasi gusto ko white ang gumanap duon dahil si Jim West ay puti at hindi black. WS is really a good actor ang tindi rin sa drama di ba (In pursuit of happiness)

  16. piapot says:

    thanks for dropping by!:-) haha tama ka idol ko din si Will smith eh! hahaha panuorin me and then your the critic!

  17. mama jasmin says:

    I will choose to be happy because…..Minsan lamang tayo daraan sa daigdig na ito……..
    Charity begins at home sabi nga — so I try to grab every opportunity and moment to be happy—to make people I love happy too.
    We should love ourselves first before we can give away love , right? How can you give what you don’t have?

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