Sec. C at Ang Dalawang Bruha ng Buhay ko

“I hate it when i have to do things because i have to.”

When i entered college, two buddies of mine came struggling through with me. We have a lot of good times together. First we were two, just Patty and I. The last thing we knew we are three, Patty, Mina and yours truly. These two girls are just the best. We laugh a lot, ditch each other a lot, care for each other a lot and love each other a lot. Though after our first year inside the university, most of my instructors wanted me to move to another section they say is ‘better’ for me, where honor students from different high schools were put in together. I didn’t remember seeing any first section in the list when we enrolled? Though they kept pushing and pushing, plus my parents and my sisters wanted the same for me. So i ended up going for it.

I can’t say that the section i was in was that bad. To admit most of my classmates were not as good as those in the ‘higher’ section they kept on bugging me about, but for a fact, my classmates then were real. They want to have fun and enjoy the ride, though sometimes they cross the line that ends with the professors calling me up to talk to them to get serious with their studies. I was the president of that section, i didn’t want it, but nobody did, so I just got on with it. It was hard to put up with them, most of them were bad asses when it comes to studying, though really nice at heart. They were not straight A’s students, some of them wasn’t able to surpass even the first semesters, not like the section instructors patronize whom everyone can speak the English lingo fluently.

No, I’m not angry or mad, or jealous, or whatever with the students in the section I’m in now. Some of them are nice too. What i really hated the most is how professors and instructors look at the one I’m in before just because it was a letter after A. Most of the times reminiscing those moments that make my blood rise to 100 degrees, some professors even meeting us for the first time judge the standards of the ‘whole’ class as bad assess and slow learners. Talk about stereotyping huh? They say it started years ago where bad assess emerged from section C that marked the eyes and minds of these instructors to look at every student in it like having no dreams for themselves. C’mon is this the only description their minds can think off? is their brain that full to come up with even the slightest effort to look at my classmates on that section in a different perspective?

I can’t accept the fact  how much most of the professors hated our section then and talk about how dismayed they are even without trying to know the students better. I remember one professor telling how much he said he “knew” about us, saying words as if nobody in that section has any chance to become good. And to think he’s not even our instructor? Is this life getting even more and more judgemental? It’s like looking at a puzzle and saying that the pieces won’t fit even without trying, or worse, even without barely looking at it.

No, the instance i’ve heard about how awful they see us then, i never did understood how they managed to teach. Teachers touches lives, that’s what i’ve heard, but i guess what we have were just plain instructors, who instruct then that’s it.

I pity how much they think that way, enclosing themselves in an eyesight like those of a mole. I worry how much they have caused pain and even the dreams of the students as they treat them without even considering how their words can feel.

To this instant every now and then that i enter the room of this ‘special’ section I’m in now, I never was ashamed to tell that i belong to a section professors consider the least. And as to this moment, never will i let my old mates down to make these students and some instructors look at us in the same way again.

And to my best buds… I miss you guys!




About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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11 Responses to Sec. C at Ang Dalawang Bruha ng Buhay ko

  1. Richmond says:

    My section was the best in our batch. Hmf.

  2. abou says:

    hay… ang buhay estudyante talaga, andaming hinaing ha ha

    hope ur doing fine piapot

  3. lei says:

    hmm.. yung mga prof. mo hindi teacher by heart. dapat nga mas bigyan ng attention yung mga nasa lower section at achievement sa kanila yun pag natuto or nag-improve yung mga students belonging in those sections. kaya nga teacher sila e.. yun ang purpose nila.

  4. Panaderos says:

    Teachers who only focus their attention and effort on the better students are not doing their job. They ought to realize that they are only as good as their weakest student.

  5. piapot says:

    Kuya mon,
    ano section mo nun? wala naman sa section yun eh… hahaha nasa bawat student di ba?

    hahaha walang hinaing kung walang studyante…
    and i’m doing fine now… nadehydrate ako last night until now, pero may supply na ako ng tubig, mga 3 galon… hahaha

    tama ka jn! haha

    their not teachers, their instructors, that’s what makes them different

  6. bw says:

    Those professors must not renege on their mission to educate, regardless of the level of knowledge their students are. They perhaps just want to make their jobs easier 😦

    I also think that it is very unprofessional for them to let the higher sections know their low esteem for the lower sections 😦

  7. piapot says:

    your back! yey bw! hahaha your right on that. Though no one can change how the minds of those people are revolving. They have very little understanding, sometimes i think having it this way, it’s like i’m still in high school! lol

  8. angel-o says:

    .,hi pia… just tried to take a peek on your blog…. curiosity…. u know…. hahaha…=)
    this is the first one that i have read so far…. and it touched my heart so much…. i was, really…. felt quite the same… hahaha…=) continue writing…. love it… God’bless…=)

  9. piapot says:

    love the name, thanks for dropping by…

  10. piapot says:

    you are all right on that!

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