Hot Choco anyone?

“Ano September na? grabe di ko napansin.” [It’s September? gosh i did not notice.]

Yeah, with all things i’ve been up to the past few days, i have lost track of time… and month. Well, but as I woke up this morning with the sound of Christmas carols waking me up from my deep sleep. And it was really nice, a big smile on my face was painted.:-)

I always have this feeling about Christmas that i can’t explain. Even the mere signs and symbols of this season, the lanterns, Christmas cards, Christmas lights, anything that has a Christmas thing in it, make something in my heart beat as if it was the happiest thing!:-) i don’t know, maybe the child in me never fails to come out when the ber-months come.

I remember when we were still little children during Christmas eve, we are all gathered in our little living room in our old house, mama and papa would always tell stories about the big guy in red with all the gifts he has for us and that we should put our stockings out withe list of the things we want, while my papa would imitate him with his own version of the famous Ho-ho-ho Merry Christmas, and it was really a laugh.

Reminiscing those moments makes me even feel happier today, and better for now i can feel my body restore itself from my old-chubby-cute-and-less stressed self. And as i paint the precious times my mama having our little sister on her lap, papa on her side, ched and I with our apple cut hair, and PM with her skinny self, the three of us with our hot Swiss Miss choco drink and the mess it makes in our faces, what a pretty and happy scene we must have been if i could only go back and take a picture of us.

Christmas this time with the four of us a little grown up, this special time in Christmas eve never stopped, though we added a little more events to be done to celebrate, and our fare share of own stories to tell.

And to this moment, i have realized what Christmas is. It’s not the lights, the cards, the lanters, the Christmas trees, the treats, nor the gifts little children get from their ninongs and ninangs, but it’s what we share with other people, the love, the happiness, the spirit and that special feeling that paints a huge smile in our faces while thinking of Christmas even in the hot summer days, or within the outpour of rain.

And to this instant, how happier it makes me to know what great gift i have been receiving every Christmas, and how i wish it would never fade, wrapped in the fanciest, most precious and priceless thing called family.:-)


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I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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29 Responses to Hot Choco anyone?

  1. jen says:

    oh, this is so nice! really, nothing is more precious than our family! genuine, priceless and yet very valuable to us! christmas is really not all about gifts, parties, etc. but CHRIST! it is a time to rejoice because God has given us His son to us… God was made into a human as an affirmation of His great power and love to us!

    yeh, we all care for a cup of hot choco! thanks, have a care free weekend!

  2. manilenya says:

    naks naman~! my parent’s didn’t tell us stories like that..kahit anong stories yata di kami kinwentuhan e..magdasal nga e sariling sikap pagkatuto lol! ahh malayo pa ang simoy ng pasko dito sa Canada 😦 namiss ko tuloy ang mga ber.

  3. Richmond says:

    New Year is always better.

    My childhood nostalgia of christmas is all all about helping with the tasting of what my mother was cooking for the upcoming noche buena,m or the 9 days 4AM mass (pero tulog ako sa simbahan) and the carolings of course.

  4. prinsesamusang says:

    merry christmas.

  5. bluepanjeet says:

    hehe ako din gumagaan ang pakiramdam ko pag naiisip ko na malapit na naman ang pasko. di ko alam kung bakit ganun basta pag andyan na ang simoy ng pasko masaya na naman ako hehe

  6. jen says:

    halu!!! just dropping by to say have a great week! take care always! thank u for dropping by at my site! Godbless : )

  7. soulsheik says:

    It’s time for christmas carols. Nothing brings out the spirit more than listening to “The Gunter Kallmann Choir” medleys and the “Simbang Gabi” pinoy carols.

    My passion during Christmas:

    1-Family and Friends
    2-Cooking and Baking..yes, I bake!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. bw says:

    Xmas carols already? way too early for Xmas shopping I think 🙂 If does make people feel upbeat that’s fine I guess 🙂

  9. abou says:

    we are ten children and somebody is always missing during xmas. now that we’re grown ups, it’s more impossible to make everybody present. so enjoy while the family is complete.

  10. K says:

    Eversince I’ve lived here in HK, I don’t celebrate Xmas like we used to in daprabins. Xmas in HK means, more revenues, discounts, sales and bars. Walang ka spirit-spirit. Magaganda nga yung xmas lights and decorations pero the true xmas is about family and get-to-gether. Mga 1 week before Xmas lang naglalagay ng mga Xmas tree sa HK. Ang corny diba?

  11. piapot says:

    yup your right! i just hope the little kids nowadays know that stuff. It’s something every Christian should know.

  12. piapot says:

    is that so? i have friends who have the same experience as you. Active ang mother ko sa church, and even before na hindi pa siya active pati ng tita ko talgang kasama sa routine ang pagdadasal.

    Uwi ka na ng Pilipinas! tapos magcelebrate tayo! hahaha

  13. piapot says:

    Kuya monmon,
    parehas sila masaya, hahaha don’t worry i’ll right about New Year next time. hahahaha and my sisters loved the tasks during Christmas, although hirap kami lahat bumangon pag simbang gabi! hehe

  14. piapot says:

    Merry christmas din sayo! haha

  15. piapot says:

    your back in my blog pagkaraan ng 48 years! hahaha ganun ba? maybe it’s just that we all have different experiences with this season. Don’t worry, maybe this Christmas will change that kind of reaction! hahaha 🙂

  16. piapot says:

    naku yari na ang weekend ng nabasa ko ito. pero masaya naman ang weeked ko… hehehehe i hope you had a great one too!

  17. piapot says:

    first, thank you for dropping by…:-)

    and i so want to know how to bake!!!!! lol

  18. soulsheik says:

    It’s easy as 1-2-3.
    1-Buy the right ingredients
    2-Get the right equipment
    3-Just follow the recipe and do it!

    But like cookies. It needs Love!

  19. utakmunggo says:

    tsk.. i thought i dropped a comment on this post a few days back.. (matanda na talaga ako! waaaaahhhh!!!!)

    how i envy people like you who still have their parents with them. ang saya kasi kapag buong pamilya kasama sa pasko. hindi ko ipagpapalit ang mga pasko ko noong ako’y bata pa (many, many, many years ago. wahaha).. nostalgic pa rin ako hanggang ngayon, lalo na kapag nakakakita ako ng mga parol at xmas lights.

  20. Panaderos says:

    Christmas is truly happy when spent with the ones we love. Nothing could really beat that. However, having some hot choco to mark such an occasion certainly helps. 🙂

  21. edelweiza says:

    excited na ko magpasko kahit sbi nila ang pasko ay pra lng sa mga bata. hehe. 🙂

  22. piapot says:

    hahaha i’m not good in numbers and measurements too!!! hahahaha though i really wish i could try it!

  23. piapot says:

    hahaha tama ka jan! at least ikw may masayag memories, yung iba kakilala ko, kahit masaya memory with their parents wala.. hehe

  24. piapot says:

    tama ka jn! kelngan ko na mag-ipon at mahaba ang shopping list ko!! hahaha

  25. piapot says:

    hahaha di totoo na pangbata lang ang christmas! isang malaking kamalian yan! hahaha

  26. nakow pasko na pla pakshyet. 😀

    meri krismas!* tama, nakakamiss na nga ang samyo ng kapaskuhan. ^^

    i-ready na ang piggy bank.


  27. piapot says:

    mahiwagang sibuyas,
    tama ka jan, kelangan ko na nga patabain ang pigi bank ko! mahaba-haba ang shopping list ko ngayon! hahaha

  28. soulsheik says:

    Madali lang. The easiest to make is chocolate cake. You can pull a recipe on-line just get the ingredients from your local supermarket, mixer, bowl, and oh by the way, an oven that can reach 350 degrees Celcius. You wont get it the first try, pero masarap pa rin kasi brownies yung lalabas!

    Nice day to you Piapot.

  29. mama jasmin says:

    Malamig ang simoy ng hangin, kay saya ng bawat damdamin —
    Himig pasko’y laganap,mayro’ng sigla ang lahat, wala ng kalungkutan, lubos ang kasayahan—–
    I have lived in the USA longer now than my stay in the Philippines but memories of Xmasses there with family are my happiest and never fail to bring me that nostalgic feeling each time the holiday season comes. Our simple Noche Buena of bread, hot choco, queso de bola and the biggest treat, Hamon, is shared by everyone with our beloved, Tatay, at the head of the table after the midnight mass.
    Come to think of it, Xmas all started with Jesus born in a manger with nothing but Family—Joseph and Mother Mary by his side.

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