I Could Not Ask for More

I went to another trip! But yesterday, I went to a place I really really know, even with both my eyes closed! My family and i spent yesterday visiting my fathers new garden, and hanged out in our favorite hub – the beach! of course. πŸ™‚

Now, it’s your turn to witness these beauties! This way please:

First Stop: Crazy monkeys’ dad, Don Domeng’s New Garden! Worms and Bugs, not allowed.



You see here, that’s our dad showing off his huge bitter gourd vegies! haha nice poses huh?? πŸ™‚

Hit it Pa!

Hit it Pa!

Now to the other crops, there are also other things to find… like…

something fishy?

Hot and... yellow?

Yeah, no photo editing here. It’s all yellow. We don’t really know why it turned yellow, but what the heck, it’s the spiciness we want! the family wants it hot and spicy! And it definitely have a good kick!

See how yellow that is?

See how yellow that is?

It comes in different colors and sizes too!

It comes in different colors and sizes too!

thats a lot of spice!

that's a lot of spice!

And there’s more….

egg plants and cucumbers too!

egg plants and cucumbers too!

Seeing these cute purple thingies…. “Tortang talong is for dinner!” Yum! πŸ™‚

Second stop: The Beach! and it’s all about nature!



See? how can Manila replace the beauty our small little town posseses huh? What more can i ask for? This is the life!

see how clear the water is?

see how clear the water is?

See a glimpse of heaven

See a glimpse of heaven!

Save the Seas

Save the Seas

From a coastal clean up held that morning, see how many twigs and trash the waves have brought to shore.



Walking barefooted felt like a foot spa for my feet… πŸ™‚

and look! Shells are everywhere!

and look! Shells are everywhere!

now this looks familiar...

now this looks familiar...

I wonder where God’s footprints are? haha

look how beautiful the waves can be...

look how beautiful the waves can be...

And from the shore, If you turn to your right, here’s what you’ll see…

I told you it's all about nature!

And look! It’s PM!!!

PM on the Rocks!

PM on the Rocks!

And my name on the Sand...

And my name on the Sand...

And at the end of the day, in every sunset, there is always something new to look forward too, and hopefully something beautiful… πŸ™‚


About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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32 Responses to I Could Not Ask for More

  1. jen says:

    wow… natuwa ako sa post mo… seems just like prinsesamusang’s! hehehe… i love vacation and i love beaches… and i love veggies more than anything hehehehe! nice shots and very relaxing! take care always, dear!

  2. piapot says:

    uwi ka na ng Pinas! tapos ittour kita dito samin! haha πŸ™‚

  3. piapot says:

    seems like? haha magkasama kaya kami kaya pareho talaga, haha! you should visit my papa’s garden, there are vegies everywhere… haha

  4. Panaderos says:

    Your dad’s poses were funny. Hehehe But it’s obvious that he’s quite proud of his veggies. They really look so healthy and fresh. πŸ™‚

    How far is your home from the beach? Or does your family own the beach? πŸ˜€ It must really be very nice to see the sunset from the beach each afternoon. It must be so tranquil and relaxing there. The seashells are quite colorful. Is that Mt. Samat that’s shown on one of your photos?

    No wonder you’re so proud of your town. You have every right to be because it is indeed a very lovely place. Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  5. abou says:

    huwaw naman he he ispeechless ako

  6. bw says:

    Ang sarap ng fresh na gulay ! Alagang alaga ni papa ang orchard niya πŸ™‚

    Looks like you had a very relaxing day especially at that pretty beach – good for you πŸ™‚

  7. piapot says:


    healthy and fresh talaga… kasi kapipitas lang namin nun! haha do you eat your vegies too? yung ampalaya ng tatay ko best seller yun sa mga friends niya at friends ng nanay ko, hindi daw mapait? kaya sarap naman sila sa pagkain… haha

    And, we own a resort, it’s family business. πŸ™‚ kaya umuwi ka na at magswimming tayo! haha it’s not mount samat, the photo you are talking about is called Mt. Natib, i think… or just the foot of that mountain, i’ll search for that… haha Mt. Samat is on the other side… haha

    don’t thank me just yet, marami pa susunod dito… haha πŸ™‚

  8. piapot says:


    hehe ako din nawalan ng sasabihin eh… πŸ™‚

  9. piapot says:


    alagang-alaga nga… siyang-siyang tunay! haha love na love niya yun, maski bumabagyo kelangan alam niya kung ok lang ba ang mga gulay niya! haha

    and the beach is great! as it has always been! πŸ™‚

  10. Richmond says:

    Magalin kang kumuha ng litrato. The best.

  11. piapot says:

    Kuya mon-mon,
    tenk u! haha nagmeeting kmi kena sa TD, dapat andun ka para may kakampi ako! huhu πŸ˜€

  12. piapot says:

    thank you… πŸ™‚

  13. soulsheik says:

    Hello there Piapot,

    Just came down the mountain (kala si Moses). 3 days ako walang access.

    Nice pics. You have quite an eye.

    I like your father’s pic, he’s good-natured and good sense of humor.

    San pala probinsya nyo?

    Piapot Lost:

    That’s a very good step towards something worthwhile. We cannot live complete and fruitful lives, when we seek to shelter ourselves from LIFE.

    That is one way of bridging gaps and spanning the distance between yourself and another human being. Different people react to experience, well, differently.

    If you perceive it mundane and ordinary, then that’s it. But if you perceive your experience as profound and extraordinary, and, it will be. Just like Prince Siddhartha (Buddha) when he witnessed his father’s kingdom as it truly was.

    Take care.

  14. piapot says:

    what mountain? i would love to go hiking too! but, it’s raining? i think climbing a mountain at this kind of weather isn’t a good idea. Anyway, at least a pot load of thrill and adventure is added on your hike! haha

    Thank you for the kind words! really appreciated it a lot! πŸ™‚

    i live in the far off place of Bataan… haha i wonder if you’ve heard of it…

    And you are right on that… there are a lot of things to see and look forward too in life, if you have the guts to open your eyes and just be ready to face what lies ahead… πŸ™‚

    Thanks for dropping by! Be safe as well! πŸ˜€

  15. soulsheik says:

    Somewhere in Zamboanga del Sur. It rains there everyday at 3pm like clockwork. And the fog is as thick as a blanket every night and every dawn.

    I’ve never been to Bataan. I see it a wonderful place to be. I’ll try visiting there sometime, and see with my own eyes.

    God Bless.

  16. prinsesamusang says:

    parang nakita ko na ang lugar na yan.

  17. philos says:

    Wow! Those are beautiful photos! And those veggies you grow are simply gorgeous… padalhan mo naman kami ng sample hehe

  18. K says:

    OKRA! OKRA! Walang OKRA? That’s what I live in daprabins, you can pick fruits/veggies in your own backyard.

    Now silly me, din’t realize magkapatid pala kayo ni PM?

  19. K says:

    That’s what I like… rather.

  20. Soulsheik says:

    Talaga. Been to Mindanao before?

  21. Soulsheik says:

    nyek,nyek mali. na-confuse ako.

  22. piapot says:

    you better! and i tell you, you won’t get disappointed! πŸ™‚

  23. piapot says:

    baka nga…. hahaha

  24. piapot says:

    magpunta ka na lang dito… tapos magangkat kayo ng tatay ko ng gulay! haha

  25. piapot says:

    Meron okra! haha kaya lang nung kinuha namin ang mga gulay na ito eh wla pang okra noon…

    sa susunod na post ko may okra na hehe

  26. piapot says:

    i’ve never been in Mindanao before, haha

    pansin ko nga nalito ka… haha

  27. mama jasmin says:

    Wow, pag uwi namin sana ganyan pa din ang Vegie Garden—-gust kong mag-tour diyan. Ang laki ng ampalaya! I love okra too with sawsawan na bagoong at kalamansi—–sarap—-nakakapag-laway. Nakaka-miss talaga

  28. piapot says:

    mama jasmin,

    hehehe uwi na kayo kasi! hahaha yun lang ang ibig sabihin nun! ahehehehe

  29. ickaissimo says:

    for sure you really had fun, nakakainggit naman parang i want close to nature din ang drama ko today.

  30. piapot says:

    haha yeah we did… you should try it too!

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