Piapot confesses…

When i was a little kid, during my elementary years, most of my classmates bullied me around. For some reason, they find me sort of like irritating to their eyes – they’ve hated me. Often times, when I get to play with them, they act so friendly and nice, like bff’s and true friends do… when its like this, i was very happy; but when i turned my back, i’ve found out they say mean things about me almost every time.

As a child, i always ask my mom if there’s something wrong with me that’s why they don’t like me. Sometimes, i would cry in bed thinking i wasn’t good enough to be their friend. The next morning, when i rise in bed with my puffy eyes and runny nose as red as Rudolf’s, my mother would hug me tight, take me in her lap and say: “Naiingit kasi sila sayo anak, kasi wala sila ng mga bagay na meron ka.” [They envy you because they don’t have what you already have.]

I remember one instant that the group of girls in my class joined together against me. There was only 18 students in our class then, 11 boys, 6 girls, and me. You can imagine how hard that was. I was sitting in my chair, writing on my notebook when this girl just came out of the blue ditching me in their circle of conversation. She wanted me to hear every word she says, most of them all lies. I can even remember her telling i cheated on one of our quizzes, when all along she passed because i let her copied my answers. I sat quietly, pretending i wasn’t listening, then tears just flow silently on my cheeks. I didn’t say anything bad about them, i didn’t call them names, i didn’t burst in anger, i never fought back. Why? Because i didn’t want to be like them, becuase since then I’ve accepted that I’m different, because on that day I know I am something way better than telling lies and envying other people. I was 8.

My childhood days were not that pretty. To experience such in a young age was a struggle. It was hard and painful to be in a group of children who doesn’t want to play with you, say mean things about you and call you names without even doing anything wrong. It was like I am goldfish swimming in the deepest waters of the sea with sharks all eying on me. It seems that everybody hates you, just because your good, and you can’t do anything about it. I was an honor student, a love child, and came from a known family that is always there for me. Maybe that’s the reason they’ve hated me, i don’t know exactly.

I didn’t have a lot friends as a child, but one thing i’ve learned, and learned it the hard way, is to stand firm. Not everybody will love you, and like you even the least, but what you have to keep in mind all the time is that they have no right to pull you down. And this time there is only one way for me but up! 🙂


About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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21 Responses to Piapot confesses…

  1. manilenya says:

    I like you mom’s thinking, my mother usually say to me when I was a kid that “inggit” lang sila sa kin, but I often rebut “ano ikaiinggit nila sa kin?”

    We are in the same boat, only I was not an honor student, my classmates and some schoolmates bullied me because of my physical features, I am ugly as their shoes, they didn’t feel that I was one of them.

  2. bw says:

    It might be true that there something in you that they envy. Bullying is a menace in our school system and even here, parents are very concerned about the mental health of their kids when they experience bullying.

    I guess if there is anything positive about it at a young age, it is the experience of seeing what is gross and bad and being prepared to avoid such situtation in the future.

  3. cliffnotes says:

    i always value friendship even when i was kid up to the time when i realize who my true friends are. but then i realize that as i grow older and the people i consider as my closest friends already have a life of their own, family and job of their own, we don’t miss each other at all. And then i’ve grown matured to have realize too that even friends so dear to me do come and go. I have learned to live my own way now back to being friendless, though i still miss times with them but they lose touch…and i feel like there’s nothing i can do about it at all. and so i get a life and just move on.

    nice entry. thanks for the hop!:)

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  5. FibeRabaca says:

    They are are really mean. Really really mean. I petty them actually, because they have nothing else to do but to pull you down. Simply means, you are above them.

  6. ched says:

    inaway ko n lahat ng mga batang un. 🙂

  7. edelweiza says:

    yes, stand firm always.you can’t really please everybody. at least your experience has made you into a stronger and more open-minded person. that’s what matters most i think.

    on a different note, please vote for me in the filipino blog of the week award at http://salaswildthoughts.blogspot.com –thanks!!!! 🙂

  8. Ewok says:

    You had to experience that lesson so early in life. Sometimes, people learn bitter truth earlier than others. But you survived to blog about it.

  9. mama jasmin says:


    As a child I did not have many friends and what is more sad is not even my own sisters consider me a friend at the time—probably more like the “Bruha” in their lives, hehehe.
    As I got older I realized friends do come and go and that REAL ones are hard to find, only Family stayed.
    i came across this in one of my readings, ‘Friends are like buttons in the elevator, they’ll either bring you UP or Down” but the choice is yours. Choose your friends wisely, and know always you are Loved no matter what.

  10. piapot says:


    i wasn’t that down,… just a little maybe… it really sucks to feel that way, but i hope you did overcome the feeling of insecurity… nobody can pull you down if you just believe in yourself…

    godbless! 🙂

  11. piapot says:


    the good thing about my childhood, is that i developed the strength to stand on my own…

    who needs a lot of untrue friends? haha at least now i know that there are just things in this world you just have to accept, because it’s reality, nothing more.

    eto lang ang masasabi ko sa kanila,,,

    di ko kayo bati! hahahaha joke lang… 🙂

  12. piapot says:


    real friends stay true to each other despite the distance, despite the long times without connection… that’s what friendship is about… to actually have someone at your side even if you are miles apart… 🙂

  13. batopik says:

    maybe you should thank your bully classmates by now, because somehow, they helped you become a stronger person. And you see, it’s not your loss if they don’t want you to be their friend. hakhak. Nakiki-ingles lang. wala namang sense masyado. hakhak. dati pag may nambubully sa akin, hinahamon ko ng bato-bato-pik tapos kumakaripas ako ng takbo. hakhakhak! 😛

  14. piapot says:


    hahaha wla na sila ngayon kaya di ko na sila mahahamon ng batopik,… kaya lang naicip ko, hindi yata ako magaling dun… ahehehehe

  15. piapot says:


    hahaha that’s all behind me now, i just hope they are living happy lives now…


  16. piapot says:


    that’s my sis! 🙂

  17. piapot says:


    thanks! and i’ll drop by the site maybe later! 🙂 good luck!

  18. piapot says:


    hahaha i guess life doesn’t consider age as a category for that…

    hahaha i did.

  19. philos says:

    Wow! I never really experienced being bullied… nothing like that anyway. Kids can be really mean sometimes, I just hope that they’ve outgrown that.

  20. piapot says:

    of course i did… hahaha it’s too lame if i hadn’t… haha

  21. chiquesan says:

    hihi,, si chikoy lab ka.. 😀
    i’m always here for piapot.. 😀

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