Piapot Spotted! Demon on the Go!

It’s almost the end of October and i am enjoying two weeks of sembreak! haha actually, sembreak for us writers in the student publication means work, but i am enjoying myself now even with a whole lot of crap to do and edit because this time i am done sitting for hours and hours inside my homeroom listening to my Anatomy professor. Thank heavens that’s done! haha

Well, because it’s a break from school work, my bestfriend actually has his own break in the seminary as well. And to my surprise, he is assigned to spent his vacation in our parish together with our new priest. Isn’t that a good concidence? haha

First trip: Demon on the Go (phone call…)

paringbestfriend: “Hoy bata, sa Bagac ako naasign ngayong sembreak ah.”‘

piapot: “Oh talaga tanda.” (dedma sa dahil busy sa article)

paringbestfriend: “Oo eh.”

piapot: “Ah.” (sabay type sa keyboard)

paringbestfriend: “Di ba masaya yun?”

piapot: “Oo.” (sabay hikab dahil antok na)

paringbestfriend: (nainis) “Ang dedma mo naman eh! humihikab ka pa dyan! Ayoko na nga magpunta dun!”

piapot: “Sino ba may sabing magpunta ka ha?”

paringbestfirend:“Oh tignan mo to. Biro lang. Batukan kita jn eh.”

piapot: “Subukan mo, tapos magwrestling tayo!”

paringbestfriend: “Etok.”

piapot: “Mas etok ka.”

Doraemon: “Wenk… wenk…. wenk….”

* * *

It has been a long time sinsce my last post, and i really really did miss my blog! hahaha but just to make you laugh from the long wait of this neurotic nocturnal animal….

it’s time for Neurotic Sister’s What’s That!

Piapot: Hey, what’s that?

I’m actually quite wondering what this kitty is thinking…. 🙂

And i think he’s actually having a good time thinking about it! haha 🙂


About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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9 Responses to Piapot Spotted! Demon on the Go!

  1. cliffnotes says:

    i miss being a student. kapag sembreak ang sarap namnamin ang bawat sandali..hehe!

    ang cute ni kitty!:)

  2. ewok1993 says:

    ay oo nga pala sem break na. when you’re out of college, you tend to forget these times you’ve been waiting for when you were schooling.

    tenk you nga pala sa pag visit mo sa photo blog ko (www.calrat.blogspot.com). really appreciate it.

    i like your name, piapot. it rhymes with kuripot, 😀

  3. piapot says:

    tama ka jn! ahahaha naaaliw ako dahil mahaba ang tulog ko! ahahahaha

    hahaha siguro nga, hirap ba ng tumatanda? haha

    yourwelcome about that, going to visit it again anytime soon…

    hahaha you are wrong with that! haha i’m far from being that way, isa akong dakilang waldasera ng pera ko… hahaha eletistang piapot… haha

  4. jen says:

    ay grabe… ang cute naman!!! hehehe, i like it!!! well, i guess u have to take a loooonnnngggg break… relax and recharge for the next sem! take care always….

  5. bw says:

    I wish working people have sem breaks too. I envy those teachers who get paid during summer vacation man 😯

    Looks like the kitty had just finished a darned good, hefty meal 🙂

  6. The cat looks like it just smelled something bad.

  7. Atticus says:

    ang sweet ng friendship niyo ni father. may kaibigan rin akong ganyan. pero dahil hindi siya pari, hindi kasing wholesome ang asaran namin. 🙂

    have a good break. have a cute cat.

  8. langaw says:

    totoong pusa ba talaga yan? ngayon lang ako naaliw sa hitsura ng animal na yan! XD


  9. piapot says:

    hi thanks for dropping by! haha oo pusa talaga yan… hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa din mapagtanto kung ano ang iniisip niya. haha

    hope to see you again here! 🙂

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