Angels and Demons Part II

Two days ago, my bestfriend/seminarian texted me out of the blue to do him a favor. Unfortunately, because of the summer vacation he’s been staying in the province and out of prison San Carlos Seminary for his out of school duties as a soon to be priest. And with his presence near by, he has all the time in the world to bug me – and in the bussiest times of my life.

Anyway, here’s our text conversation:

Phone beeps: “Konichiwa…  Konichiwa… KO-NI-CHI-WA!!!!!” (message alert tone volume level 3)

Text message:

Seminaristang Unggoy: “Hoy, may ginagawa ka ba?” (Hey, are you doing something?)

Piapot:“Marami. Hindi ako sanay ng walang ginagawa.” (A lot. I’m not used to doing nothing.)

Semenaristang Unggoy: “Good. Gawin mo to at idagdag mo sa mga ginagawa mo.” (Good. Do this and add it to the things you have to do.)

Piapot: “Ang alin?” (Do what?)

Semenaristang Unggoy: “May scanner ka ba? (Do you have a scanner?) Meron akong less than 100 pictures galing ng seminaryo. (I have less than 100 pictures from the seminary) I have to scan them for our movie presentation and I need it Friday morning. I’ll give it to you after your class. Pakisave mo na din sa USB mo.” (Please save it on your USB.)

Piapot: “Ano? May klase ako eh hanggang 6?” (What? I have classes until 6pm?)

Semenaristang Unggoy: “Humanap ka na lang ng uutusan. Salamat.” (Find someone to do it then. Thank you.)

Piapot: “Hmpf!! Demanding!!”

So that’s that. Setting aside the number of photos that i scanned I had my eyes on this one:

San Carlos Seminary

This is a photo taken inside San Carolos Seminary’s Dormitory. I can’t explain why I have an unusual feeling by merely just looking at it. When I asked the monkey-semenarian about it, he said that it was taken by a priest inside the seminary around 1960’s, but I’m not so sure if that priest was already a priest by then or still a seminarian.

Upon looking at it, I don’t know what to feel. It seems as though my emotions are torn apart from the mood of the photo, it’s setting and the aged look. If we consider the number of years you have to stay inside the seminary away from your family, maybe that’s one factor that has shown from the picture. Second, how hard it is to stick to the commitment of celibacy. And third, the sweet and bitter life of being a servant of God, to be good but to be a human; to be real but to be divine and to be selfless enough to give yourself for everybody who needs it.

So, that’s what my neurons have been processing inside my fried brain

Now tell me. What’s yours?? =)


About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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7 Responses to Angels and Demons Part II

  1. bw says:

    The seminary is a tough place, especially for the monks. I heard that monks pray most of the time and are not allowed to watch TV, read magazines and newspapers and do hard labor like doing the entire upkeep of the place.

    Strange way to live your life on this earth but some people believe heaven awaits those who live a lifetime of sacrifice.

  2. ched says:

    unggoy nga talaga ano?haha

  3. That picture looks like a scene from a horror movie. Pretty cool.

  4. piapot says:

    you bet its a hard place. my buddy tells me sometimes it can really get into your nerves! hahaha and I think sacrifice comes in many ways.. tc! =)

  5. piapot says:

    malaking unggoy! ahahahaha

  6. piapot says:

    hahaha your right on that… scary.

  7. reichan15 says:

    Wenks! Akala ko pa naman Angel and Demons ni Dan Brown. Paborito ko kasi iyon..

    Katakot nga ung picture. Ganda…

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