Joke Time!

(Dinner table, past 7pm)

Piapot: “Nakita niyo ba yung cookie ko na sa ref?” (Have you seen my cookie in the ref?)

PM:Oo. Kinain na namin yung cookie mo na Mrs. Fields. Di naman masarap. Kaya binigay ko na lang kay papa, haha!” (Yes, we ate it already. It doesn’t taste good so I gave it to papa, haha!)

Don Domeng:Masarap naman ah? Pero di naman ako bibili ng cookie na yun 40 pesos mahigit ang isa.” (Its good? But i won’t buy one of those cookie, it costs 40 pesos each.)

Piapot: “Dapat masanay ka ng kumain ng ganon Pa, yun ang kinakain ng mga mayayaman! 200 plus yata ang isang kahon nun eh tapos six pieces lang.” (You should be immuned to it Pa, that’s the food eaten by royalty. I think a box of that costs 200 peso plus.)

Don Domeng: “Bibili na lang ako ng isang kahon na Sky Flakes, mura pa! Tsaka dilis na lang ang kakainin ko… (I’m just going to buy a box of Sky Flakes, it’s even cheaper! And I’m just going to eat dilis (a kind of small fish fried to crisp)

kahit na… (even though…)

mayaman ako.” (I am royalty.)

Doraemon: “Wenk… wenk.. wenk.. ano ka ngayon? ah!” 🙂


About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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9 Responses to Joke Time!

  1. panaderos says:

    Hahaha I like your Dad’s comeback. In spite of the simple delivery, the message is loud and clear: Wealth and Success hasn’t changed him. He remains very well grounded.

    Take care always, Ms. P. Sorry that I haven’t visited for quite a while. Glad to see that things have been well with you. 🙂

  2. bw says:

    LOL… syanga naman, ang mahal ni Mrs. Fields tapos kokonti pa 🙂

    This joke reminds me of my father who would rather eat roasted corn than cheesecake and never got the hang of mayonnaise and mustard 🙂

  3. piapot says:

    thanks for dropping by…. hahahah yeah, but most of the times he just gives us money when we ask him for it rather than mom, kahit na may pagkakuripot siya sa sarili niya… hahahaha

  4. piapot says:

    LOL that’s even way better! hahahaha super great… I don’t know why, but do you think it is related to growing up that’s the cause of their attitude? haha

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  6. rei-chan says:

    hey bru!!!!!!!!!!


    happy birthday!!!!!!

    love you always!!…
    major ka na!!!
    hnd k minor!!!!!!!!!!

    haiz..matanda n tyo..

    dito n ko bumati kc tmd akong mgpipipindot s fone at di ko lm kung sn me mgttxt hehe..

    hapi bday again!!!

  7. chiquesan says:

    hahaha.. good bye cookies..


    lol.. 🙂

  8. philos says:

    Haha… ayos bumanat si Don Domeng! 🙂

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