Piapot Legally 18

I just turned 18 three days ago. And i know that most of you guys have already known about it. And this blog post is just my own share of experiences to what exactly happened the day I was legally 18. LOL

anyway, at exactly 12am text messages came flooding in my cell phone, though i wasn’t able to appreciate a lot because i was in deep slumber until i read them all somewhere around past 5am or so, when Mother Goose and Don Domeng woke me up in their own version of Happy b-day! (awwww…)

Here are some of the text messages because I will not be able to finish this post if i type them all…

Piapot! hapee berday.. Hehe… Wish u ol d best!.. – Papo

Uy kapatid. HapPy birthday. Legal n. Alam na!Haha – Ched

Happy Birthday inang – Basilio/Ian

Pia!. happy birthday.. 🙂 ..uy dlga n,haha! Mis q na kayo, ingatz plge! –Papa Bear

Hapi bday pare ko… mwaks… – pare ko

Happy birthday! – Semenaristang Unggoy

Ate pia! happy birthday! more bdays and blessing 2 come! miss u., GB..^^ – Anne

Happy 18th birthday may God grants all ur wishes keeps u safe n healthy we love u! – Dad and Mami

May u continue 2 b d sweetest, charmest, prettiest, lady i know and may our good lord always give you d desire of ur heart. hapy b-day! luv u! – Ate Jha

Hapi birthday. Read from Musang’s blog that it’s ur 18th bday. Debutant ka na pala. Stay as sweet as u r. – Kuya

Now isn’t that sweet huh? Anyway, for all those who greeted me that day including the numbers whom I don’t know exactly, thank you very much from the bottom of my hypothalamus! 🙂

* * *

Now, since It was my birthday, and my 18th b-day that is, there was no debut party with gowns and 18 roses or what so ever, but i had something better! I asked my mom to prepare just a simple family dinner for us and a few guest that I want to share my day with, but when i got home… Mother Goose prepared a feast!


Here's Me and my Mom with her home cooked goodies! Yum-yum!

If you were able to read PM’s Mother’s day special post, you would not argue on how delicious my mom cooks! She’s actually the best cook ever with her not-so-secret ingredient that she claims to be just a little dash of ‘L-O-V-E’.

here are some of the dishes in a closer look:

Mother Goose's Perfected Menudo

Mother Goose's Perfected Menudo

Chopsuey and Beef in white souce

Chopsuey and Beef in white souce

spicy Laing

spicy Laing

The rest of the Good Stuff!

The rest of the Good Stuff!

And of Course, my home-made Sansrival B-day cake, courtesy of PM!

And of Course, my home-made Sansrival B-day cake, courtesy of PM! What more can I ask for with my name printed on it?? Yum-yum!

I also received this boquet of flowers from Vin

I also received this boquet of flowers from Vin

anyway, here’s me with the most important people in my life who were able to attend the party…

Special People in my Neurotic Brain's Life

Special People in my Neurotic Brain's Life

In the photo are my family and some friends, including our mentor in the student publication who did not care to travel all the way to our far off home!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my parents, Mother Goose and Don Domeng for bringing me into this world with such great parents, Mami and Dadi who were not included in the photo because they came a little late, and the other three most important men not only in my life but for the whole family:

Kuya and his two great sons, Kuya Alex and Kuya Nap, who have always been there for us no matter what just like our big brothers, thank you very much! and I love you all! Umwaks!!

Now… now… Am I one lucky girl? A happy Day with Special people around. What more can I ask for? Nothing else but to give them the best in return! 🙂


About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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20 Responses to Piapot Legally 18

  1. The food looks great, but you’re 18 now, so you should have washed all that down with some alcoholic beverages 😛

    Happy birthday!

  2. reichan15 says:

    wee…matanda na rin sya!…hihihih
    aww…flowers… ^^,

    pede na tyong mag-inuman bru!

  3. philos says:

    Wow! That sure looked like a fun party! Happy birthday! 🙂

  4. a.r.d.y.e.y. says:

    ginutom tuloy ako sa spicy laing. looks great.

    happy birthday piapot. 🙂

  5. bw says:

    happy bday ! hope you had a real nice celebration 🙂

    wow.. i’m drooling over the spicy laing 😉

  6. mama jasmin says:

    Yummy!!!!! Ginutom ako nang makita yung menudo at chopsuey. Makauwi na nga. Belated Happy Birthday.
    By the way I was trying to look for your mother’s day blog but couldn’t find it. Inalis mo na ba?

  7. reichan15 says:

    got an award from my blog..^^,

  8. piapot says:

    indeed the food is damn great! lol I have my stomach so much full but can’t stop the spoon from entering my mouth! haha I’m not such a fan of alcoholic beverages, I think it is too stinky! haha

  9. piapot says:

    hoy bruha, wla pa din akong balak mag-inum nu! hahahaha papanuorin na lang kita at pagtatawanan! hahaha

  10. piapot says:

    thank yoy very much!

  11. piapot says:

    haha ako din hinahanap-hanap ko pa pag nakikita ko yung pictures! haha thank you!

  12. piapot says:

    thank you very much. It was so delicious!:)

  13. piapot says:

    mama jasmin,
    thank you po! opo nga, dapat po umuwi na kayo dito, hehe hinihintay na po kayo ng book worm deluxe! hahaha I wasn’t able to post mine, my memory card was corrupted and all my photos for my post were deleted, and I was too busy making out giant mother’s day greeting for mami and mama! 🙂 maybe we’ll send you one too sometime! love you po! hope to see you soon!

  14. batopik says:

    hihihi.. legal ka na, bawal ka ng gumawa ng krimen. tsk tsk. Ingat 🙂 God bless! Aheee 🙂 Belated Happy happy birthday. Late man, late pa rin. Hakhak! XD

  15. kg says:

    happy birthday! and you know, i can’t contest you mom’s cooking…pictures pa lang ang sarap na! 🙂

  16. piapot says:

    salamat. Tama ka jn! hahaha

  17. piapot says:

    thank you for dropping by! 🙂 hahaha you can say that again^^

  18. panaderos says:

    Belated Happy Birthday, Ms. P. Pasensya na at ngayon lang ulit ako napadpad dito. Like you, my blogging was also awful these past few months due to work. Anyway, I’m easing my way back into blogging.

    Glad to know that you had a grand time on your 18th birthday. Congratulations! Take care. 🙂

  19. Seth Piapot says:

    Are there any Piapots out there? I want to find my family.

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