Creative Swap here I come!

After the long wait, I am finally in! Thanks to my sister PM and Caryn, Creative Swap here I come! 🙂

creative swap

1. What kind of creative things are you into?

I really do love making personalized cards which mostly are drawn or beaded, cross-stitching, and paper folding (origami). Sometimes i do make key chains out of shells too! 🙂

2. How would you describe your personal style?

I love variations, i don’t usually stick to one style, anything goes. 🙂

3. What are your favorite colors?

My favorite colors are yellow, blue and white.

4. What is one craft you would like to learn?

This one is tough, i really would like to learn how to make flower arrangements and play piano, but i think it will never happen, so I might as well try painting! 🙂

5. What other hobbies are you into?

Well, besides burning my neurons, I love listening to the melodies played by the saxophone, and watching DVD’s! I also love reading literary folios which is comprised of different kinds of poetry. LOL

6. What items do you really wish you had right now?

I wish that i have a set of oil paints and brushes for my painting dream! or maybe different kinds of papers, inks and beads for my cards that I would really, really enjoy crafting! 🙂

So there you go whoever my creative swap partner will be. I am very very excited, I really can’t wait! 🙂


About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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6 Responses to Creative Swap here I come!

  1. reichan15 says:

    Parang sasali din hata ako..
    parang katuwa eh!!..

    nga pla bru,musta 1st week?!
    me, sa 22 pa start eh..
    musta mo ko ke ruel,
    pkisb, pamangkin nya clzm8 ang sis ko..
    TY!! (^o^)/

  2. kg says:

    WOW! welcome to the club! the creative swap is so, so fun! 🙂

  3. piapot says:

    ok naman ang pasok… sumali ka! e-mail mo lang si caryn!! hahaha sige sabihin ko kay ruel. hope to see you soon! umwaks! miss you girl.

  4. piapot says:

    thank you! i am really looking forward to it! 🙂

  5. chiquesan says:

    sama ako!

  6. jeanny says:

    Hello. Welcome to Creative Swap KG’s…it’s fun and exciting. 🙂

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