A Story About Life

Three months ago, I received a patient, lying on bed, with an on going IVF of D5LR, awake and coherent that had undergone cholecystectomy. She was 73 years old, wrinkles on her face painted the years she has lived. She was old, but she was lovely. When my clinical instructor endorsed my patient, the first thing I have to do was to replace her IV fluid for it was empty. As easy as it sounds, it took me a long while to remove it, with tons of micropore tape sticking the IV cannula to her skin that has already lost its elasticity. I remember saying sorry each time I have to pull one strip off the tape and her brows would raise because it hurt, but she would reply to me with, “Sige lang anak, tanggalin mo. Parang iyon lang, hindi naman masakit,” followed by a sweet smile that even marked the wrinkles on her forehead and cheeks. And all I could do was smile in return and remove it with all patience and gentleness that I could give. And she would just laugh and smile.

The next day I handled her again. She would ask me to eat with her and her grandchildren, but of course I refused. She would tell me stories about her kids and grandchildren each time I will enter her room for her vital signs to be checked and her IVF to be regulated. She laughs a lot, and smile a lot. She was old but she was lovely. After that day, she was able to go home, and I bid her goodbye.

November. I received the same patient in the same hospital where I handled her for the first time. She was dying. When I saw her, I asked her, “Nay, naaalala mo pa ba ko?” and after a short pause, she answered, “Paano naman kita hindi maaalala…” then she paused again and continued, “…di ba ikaw yung ninang nung apo ko?” I smiled. I stayed in her room for a while. She kept on talking even if no one talked to her. She kept on saying names and look for a lot of people. She kept on telling stories. She was old but still she was lovely. When I was about to go home. I went back to her room, and finally I bid her goodbye.

* * *


About piapot

I am the author. Neurotic sister is a being who likes expressing herself and challenging herself up to her limits! she wants to conquer her own fears and works hard to get what she wants and what she deserves.
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7 Responses to A Story About Life

  1. philos says:

    Wow… that was a very poignant tale… as sad as it is to know when someone so lovely is about to die, I imagine it’s infinitely more satisfying having touched her life and having her’s touch yours.

  2. chiquesan says:

    You’re lucky to have a patient like that. did you do post mortem?

    • piapot says:

      Hinde eh. She’s not totally dead that time. LOL I think that didn’t sound good. Well, she’s still breathing when we left. I just don’t know if she’s still alive today.

      • chiquesan says:

        yun samin naman makukuha pa kung may dopa pero sabi nung doctor wala na daw.. galit nga ni angel-o sa kanya e.
        2 in a shift yung ginanon nya..

  3. kg says:

    parang pang libro yung story ha….

    it’s so nice that you get to experience many things in your work! 🙂

    • piapot says:

      Yeah. Maybe I should work on that huh? LOL the hassle and rush of our duties sometimes just slows down when things like this happen.There are times that can’t explain that certain feeling if you would be happy for them to die because they will feel no pain after that, or the be sad because their time has come to go.

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